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Renaultsport Clio 200 EDC – Upgrade Package

February 26th, 2016 Posted in EBC Brakes, Forge Motorsport, General news, Pipercross, Remus, V-Maxx

The current Renaultsport Clio 1.6 Turbo 200 EDC has a huge range of tuning upgrades all available from The Performance Company. Forge Motorsport, Remus, Pipercross, V-Maxx, EBC and Ultra Racing  are all available to fine tune and improve the latest Renaultsport Clio!


Forge Motorsport

Forge Motorsport have just released a huge range of performance upgrades for the current Renaultsport Clio ranging from a front mounted intercooler to a carbon fibre intake.

The newest addition to Forge Motorsport’s carbon fibre intake range is this offering for the latest Renault Clio 200 RS. By reusing the OEM cold air feed, and coupling it to a cone filter inside a sealed carbon fibre airbox, Forge Motorsport have been able to create the ultimate airbox that looks as well as it performs. Working in conjunction with their intercooler Forge Motorsport saw gains of 19bhp. It bolts directly in place of the OEM filter housing and comes complete with a silicon inlet hose, available in a choice of colours, to finish the installation.



Forge Motorsport Intercooler upgrade FMINTRCT – £622.88 +VAT RRP

Forge Motorsport Carbon fibre intake FMINDK6 – £325.00 +VAT RRP

Forge Motorsport Atmospheric dump valve FMDVC200A  – £144.90 +VAT RRP

Forge Motorsport Boost hoses FMKTRC – £145.45 +VAT RRP

Forge Motorsport Actuator upgrade FMACTRCT – £145.86 +VAT RRP

Forge Motorsport Intake hose FMINDRCT – £61.30 +VAT RRP


To improve airflow at a low cost there is no better option than a Pipercross panel filter. With an approximate increase in airflow of 30% you will see an increase in performance and economy depending on driving style. Pipercross performance air filters are covered by a lifetime warranty and simply need cleaning at every service interval rather than replacing. This should also reduce your servicing costs by saving on needing buying a new paper filter.

Pipercross part number PP1927 is just £31.66 +VAT RRP and is held in stock at The Performance Company available for fast delivery.



Remus offer an upgrade for both the front and rear silencer for the Clio 200 EDC to improve both the sound and performance of this little hot Renault. This exhaust increases the power by approximately 3 BHP and 4 Nm Torque. This system is designed to utilise the OE tailpipes and is covered by a 3 year warranty.

735013 0700

Part number 735013 0300 front silencer – £154 +VAT RRP

Part number 735013 0700 rear silencer – £411 +VAT RRP

Full information is available on our website



V-Maxx offer a lowering spring kit for the 1.6T Renaultsport Clio which lowers the front by 35mm and the rear by 25mm to improve both the handling and stance.

Part number 35RE165 is just £113 +VAT RRP and available from The Performance Company.

Information on the current Renault Clio 200 EDC and all other V-Maxx applications can be found at


EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes have both upgraded discs and pads available to improve the stopping power of the current Renaultsport Clio. Whether it is for fast road or track use EBC Brakes have it covered!


DP22024/DP2680 EBC Greenstuff front and rear pads – £91.06 +VAT RRP (set)

DP42024/DP4680 EBC Yellowstuff front and rear pads – £112.45 +VAT RRP (set)

GD1638 EBC Turbo Grooved front discs – £144.21 +VAT RRP

USR1638 EBC USR front discs – £144.21 +VAT RRP


The Performance Company

The Performance Company is a trade only supplier so contact us now if you are interested in supplying any of our brands or if you would like us to find you a suitable retailer to purchase from.